What are your prices? Who can shoot?

$15 per person to shoot, targets are between $0.75 to $1.50 each, and ammo varies by caliber. Anyone can shoot at Baker Range, and all we require is that there be a responsible person over 18 accompanying all shooters.

How long can we shoot?

As long as you want. If we get busy and a line starts forming then we ask you take your time in 1 hour shifts.

What all can we shoot?

Anything but a bazooka...or birdshot smaller than #6. 

Where are you located?

Do you have a law enforcement discount?

Yes! Law Enforcement, military, veterans, firefighters, and EMS personnel shoot for $12.

Membership Info

We offer memberships for $300 to individuals and $400 for family (includes husband & wife + household children under 18). Benefits include: unlimited range usage with no shooter fees, access during the hours of 8am to 9pm (city noise ordinance), and reduced price firearms transfers.